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How To Build Digital Assets for Your Online Portfolio

How to build Digital Assets for your online portfolio

How to build Digital Assets for your online portfolio

We often hear a lot about investing as it relates in monetary terms.  However, there’s nothing more valuable than investing in your career by building an online portfolio.  Especially when your investment efforts have the potential to yield a high return.  One way to invest in “You” online is by developing digital assets.


What Are Digital Assets?

Wikipedia defines Digital Assets as “any item of text or media that has been formatted into a binary source that includes the right to use it”.  As with any asset, access and the right to use that asset is largely determined by who owns the asset. Digital Assets are classified into three categories including textual content, images and multimedia.


Digital Assets  are more than a few social media profiles and/or websites scattered across the web.  Rather, digital assets are a collection of integrated virtual assets developed to support your organizations global strategic goals.  Digital assets can be the catalyst to launching next career and open the door to new business opportunities.  It could mean the difference between you getting a contract and excelling past your competitors.

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Types of Digital Assets

1. Purchase Your Own Domain

Purchase your domain name. This is could be your personal name 0r your brand name.  Some business owners build their online presence with a website/blog using their personal domain name.  If your goal is to establish yourself as a thought leader,  using your personal name might be a good strategy.  In some cases personal names are more memorable and effective than using a company name as people are more likely to associate the name with the individual.

2. Create a Blog/Website

Developing a blog and/or website is a key asset you can use to talk about your business, share industry news and insights.  Sharing your knowledge of the industry through blogging will add to your credibility as a professional.

3. Social Media Profiles

Your Social Media profiles say a lot about you.  Social profiles are often created on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and others.  Determine which platforms fit best with what you’re trying to accomplish.

Pinterest for example is great for posting photos of fashion, travel and more. However, is you’re audience is using Pinterest?  Determining where you’re audience hangs out online is a key factor in deciding which social platforms to invest your time in.

 4. Video Content

Here’s your chance to get really creative.  Visual content can reach audiences who prefer visual or multimedia versus  text.  Consider creating a video series around your products or services.  Video is engaging and allows you to show a more personal side of your business.  Discussing and demonstrating your companies products and services is much more effective than writing about them.

5. Presentations

You can create some pretty powerful visual presentations with PowerPoint.   Take your best content and create powerpoint presentation to showcase the benefits of your product/service offerings. Try gathering content around a specific niche or topic and create a PowerPoint presentation. Encourage sharing by posting your presentations to Slideshare and your social media platforms.

6. Mobile

Mobile is revolutionary today, just as websites were for a brick and mortar operations over 15 years ago.  Mobile devices are everywhere and consumers are using them to talk, text, shop, engage and collaborate. Mobile applications for existing products and services  provides a platform for customers to interact with your brand and purchase goods and services. Enhancing your existing mobile product offerings is another opportunity mobile provides, where mobile subscription services are an option to produce recurring revenue for your business.

7. Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are quite popular and several business models have crept up to help people make money online selling products like clothing, accessories, and music. Blogger Jeff Bullas describes Online Stores or Ecommerce websites as one of the 5 Digital Assets Worth Investing In.

Ecommerce is growing especially with the proliferation of mobile smartphone usage.  Whether you fancy iPhone or Android devices, smartphones are getting more sophisticated offering cutting edge design and features that makes it more easy for consumers to purchase goods and services online.


Showcasing Your Digital Assets 

Power blogger Darren Rowse of Problogger tweeted about his Vizify profile.  Naturally curious, I checked it out and loved it so much I created my own Vizify Profile.  This is such a cool tool to showcase all of  your Online Bio in one place.

Vizify creates a timeline of all of your online activity, including social profiles, quotes, tweets, places you’ve lived and much more.  You can customize your Vizify and add a link of your Vizify profile to your email signature (see below).

 See my vizify bio!


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What About You?

What type of digital assets are you developing and how are they helping promote your business?

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