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5 Ways to Optimize Your Profile on LinkedIn

5 ways to invest in optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

5 ways to invest in optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

New Years resolutions tend to offer most people a sense of renewed hope and the opportunity to start over.  Whether it’s starting a new investment plan, or restarting an old one.  New year’s resolutions can mean a fresh start or a new beginning.

Planning is essential when beginning any type of investment. It’s important to decide what you want your return on investment to look like, whether you’re investing time, money or some other resource.

Perhaps you’re goal is to reach 1000 Facebook likes or generate 5 new LinkedIn connections that lead to new business.

Whatever the goal, investing in your business online will surely generate huge returns in the long run.  One way to to invest online is to build your Digital Assets.  There are a few ways you can optimize your LinkedIn profile that can potentially yield big results.

1. Optimize Your Profile with Relevant Keywords

Make sure your LinkedIn profile contains relevant keywords to attract your target audience.  People searching for new connections  will search using keywords relevant to their particular industry.  Using the appropriate keywords in your LinkedIn profile helps boost search engine optimization (SEO) results.

Also, use keywords that are the same as those used on your website.  Include keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile.  However,  don’t over do it. Make sure to avoid keyword stuffing.


2. Complete Your Profile

Nothing screams “I’m just not that into you”  like an incomplete online profile.  I recommend completing your profile as this helps establish credibility.

When you complete all the applicable fields, your profile will show “100% profile completeness”.

According to Sirona Consulting blog, LinkedIn reported only 50.5% of people have a 100% completed profile.  Find this surprising? well there’s a good chance your connections might find it surprising as well.

There are a few “Do’s and Don’ts” for LinkedIn that contribute to a profile showing incomplete including: Not adding a picture, very few connections and an incomplete employment history.


3. Optimize Your Profile with Endorsements

Don’t you love it win someone  raves about your accomplishments?  Cheerleaders are great especially when their cheering for us.  Endorsements give your connections the ability to promote your specific skills on LinkedIn.

When a connection endorses you, the endorsement is visible to all of your connections and shows up on their home page.

The great thing about endorsements, is your connections don’t have to bother writing multiple paragraphs about how wonderful you are.  Connections can just click on your best skill set(s) and your profile will show their picture indicating an endorsement.

4. Like, Comment and Share Relevant Content

LinkedIn has a great deal of content available for sharing with your connections.  Read, Like, Share and Comment on content that’s relevant to your industry and interests.

I recommend following “Thought Leaders” or as I like to say “People Who Know More Stuff  Than You”.  You can learn a great deal from industry leaders.  Not because their so smart or well connected.  Yet because they’ve tested, failed and tested again to figure out what works.

Building your connections also helps optimize your profile.  However, remember its great to have hundreds of connections, but if you haven’t figured out how to leverage them, what’s the point?

To find out more about leveraging LinkedIn click here

Take the time to build with your connections.  If you’re not reading what others have to say, sharing and engaging are you really investing in your online presence ?


5. Add Relevant Projects

Adding a link to your blog/website, projects and other interesting tidbits about your current and past work will help promote you to others.

Projects allows you to add a description and link to the projects website.  You can also add “Team Members” involved in the project and LinkedIn creates a hyperlink to their profile page.


What About You?

What resources have you found helpful to optimize your LinkedIn profile?  Connect with me on LinkedIn @


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