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The New Economy

Since I decided to build a business as a marketing consultant over four years ago, hustling or juggling multiple roles is now the new norm. Most people I know are “getting their hustle” on with some sort of business venture or taking on multiple part-time jobs.

In fact, one of my clients is an inventor, a nail technician, a business owner and a police officer. Oh, and in her spare time, a part-time comedian. Hustling is all too common with a large part of our society. One harsh reality about hustlingRead more

Entrepreneurs At Work

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of guest posts by Mark Dyson, founder of The Voice of Job Seekers. Mark is widely known as the empathetic career counselor for those who are working on your next career move. I recently had the advantage of picking Mark’s brain and getting advice about my career. I think you will enjoy the insight he provides.

Similarities between entrepreneurs and job seekers reek of understatement and underestimation. Both are searching for money-making opportunities, want to perfect their craft, and get in front of decision makers.

Both of them bump into each other on the elevator, hoping to sell his or her services. One big difference is that many job seekers attempt to narrow possibilities. While entrepreneurs look to broaden their customer base. Both desire to make a positive impression to land the big deal.

More job seekers need an entrepreneurial approach. Read more

Wetalk Entrepreneurs Corner

Want to get the most out of LinkedIn?

For an entrepreneur working on a contract bid or the job seeker contemplating their next career move, LinkedIn is an online network that’s designed to make business networking more effective. LinkedIn is invaluable when it comes to business networking, building your personal brand and professional reputation.Let’s face it. Building a network is a part of doing business.No man is an island as the song goes. Growing your network online with LinkedIn can help you get the word out about you and your business. LinkedIn tools can help you get and stay connected.

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How To Kill A Startup

Communication is key in any business venture. If you’ve had the pleasure of working with partners like I have, then you will encounter the good, bad and ugly of doing business. Lack of a communication plan breeds chaos in an organization. Managing communication in any organization whether you’re working with one hundred people or just one can be a challenge. Having a communication structure is key to building a successful business. There are a few things you can do to ensure you are communicating effectively

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