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How Entrepreneurs And Job Seekers Can Put Their Skills To The Test

Editors Note: Guest Blogger Mark Dyson of the Voice of Job Seekers shares how Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers can put their skills to the test and embrace the challenges that are a part of career advancement. 


If you want an opportunity to become a reality, go prove it. Pictures and videos count, but prove it in front of a live audience. Do it in front of many people.

If numbers on a paper fail to work, then show your prospective customer or boss that you can demonstrate how to get the job done face-to-face. I bet your competition wouldn’t offer proof like that!  Don’t be afraid to test your skills.

In a previous post I discussed how Having The Right Skills Impacts Your Pay.

Entrepreneurs and job seekers alike could raise their perceived value in front of employers or potential clients in one major way: Allow your skills to be tested.

Don’t allow the fear making mistakes to paralyze you, even if you think you may not have the right stuff.

Through failure and shortcomings, you’ll get the right stuff through practice and training

But you have to go get it. Make it happen.  And all the other relevant clichés.

You may say, “I shouldn’t have to do that! Who else has to do that?”

Exactly. Who else will do that?

Hardly Anyone.

Get it?

Toni Stone was the first woman to play in the old Negro Baseball League. Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Satchel Paige, and Larry Doby all started their careers there. History allows us to view it as a hub of future major league ball players.  Stone is a model for attributes every entrepreneur and job seeker should possess, including:

  • Learning to Thrive  in a Hostile Environment,
  • Learning to Adapt to Changes,
  • Pioneering a Movement for Equality
  • Embracing Challenges and Excelling

Although this is hard to model, you can tell a story that is compelling but show in the way you explain it the temperance needed to handle adversity. Stone was playing a “man’s” game as a woman in the 1940’s, being called demeaning names and treated with humiliation. Yet, she thrived.

Stone never backed down from a challenge and  allowed herself to be tested by the best. Once, an opposing pitcher strolled through the team locker room before a game trying to intimidate Stone by asking, “How would you like me to pitch to you?” She responded, “Any way you like!”

Well, Satchel Paige threw a fastball. Stone hit a single into center field, and the sole hit of the game from her team. Embracing challenges that come your way is the best way to stand out.

Opponents played her like anyone else.  As a second baseman, she was exposed to the roughness of the game like her teammates. Often she had to handle double plays with the runner’s spikes aimed at her.

Withstanding the testing of your skills will also bring hazards. But you have to be ready for the good and the bad!

Have you encountered situations where you had to prove yourself? How? Please share in the comments.


Mark Anthony Dyson is "The Voice of Jobseekers," the empathetic voice for unemployed, underemployed, and unappreciated job seekers. Zealous, passionate, and infectious in offering the best job search practices
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