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Want More Customers? 5 Things You Need To Get Them

She was hot and mad because she had to wait. My client recently told me about a customer who was ticked off  because she had to wait in line to check out to buy a gift certificate. I said “How many people were in front her?” One person.  She didn’t want to wait. Our system is too slow. It’s a mess. So then I asked, “how long did she have to wait?” About two minutes. Really?? I...

Why Your Name is a Valuable Digital Asset

Did you know your name is a valuable digital asset? More importantly your name as a domain name is a digital asset that you should add to your online portfolio.

How Entrepreneurs And Job Seekers Can Put Their Skills To The Test

Editors Note: Guest Blogger Mark Dyson of the Voice of Job Seekers shares how Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers can put their skills to the test and embrace the challenges that are a part of career advancement.    If you want an opportunity to become a reality, go prove it. Pictures and videos count, but prove it in front of a live audience. Do it in front of many people. If numbers on a paper fail to work, then...

Having The Right Skills Impacts Your Pay

Editors Note: Guest Blogger Mark Dyson of the Voice of Job Seekers shares his insight on the impact of your skills on how much you are paid. When I first certified as a personal trainer sometime ago, it became clear to me the main difference between someone who is trained to teach others how to exercise and someone who trains by exercising.   As a personal trainer, I learned and was tested on the fundamentals...

It’s Crowded and I’m Not Moving

Have you ever started something and got side tracked from your original goal? Often it happens to me because I’m too busy watching the competition or people who have more years and skin in the game.  You get discouraged because someone is way ahead of you. Staying in your lane is very difficult when it looks like the every lane other than the one you’re in is moving faster and with less traffic. You switch...

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