social media solutions for small business

Twitter Basics for Beginners: Small Business Guide to Navigating the Twitterverse

Did you know that Twitter has its own language? For business owners who are just beginning to build a social media presence, learning the language of  Twitter is the first step in helping you successfully navigate the twitterverse. As a small business owner, using Twitter has become an invaluable tool. This social media platform is being used in many sectors. Businesses are using Twitter to connect with customers....

3 Ways to Avoid Time Wasters and Keep It Moving!

Have you ever felt a burning desire to do something great, but did’nt know how to start? I’m sure we have all had a desire to start a business, run a race, make something for loved one, do something artistic, but you were at a lost on how to get started.  To be honest, I’ve felt that way plenty of times. Why do we sometimes feel stuck? Lack motivation or fail to launch whatever we desire? Perhaps it’s...

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